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Inorganic Chemicals (IOC)

Our laboratory is capable of analyzing samples for a wide variety of inorganic species. The Drinking Water Inorganic Chemical (IOC) package shown below covers a comprehensive series of primary regulated contaminants. These are the parameters for which public drinking water suppliers must routinely check their water. Please contact us for information on related services.

Drinking Water Inorganic Chemical (IOC) Package

SM 4500-H+ pH (Indicator of Acidity or Alkalinity)
6.5 - 8.5
SM 2510A Specific Conductance
< 500 umho/cm
EPA 200.8 Antimony (Sb)
0.006 mg/L
EPA 200.8 Arsenic (As)
0.05 mg/L
SM 3113B Barium (Ba)
2.0 mg/L
EPA 200.8 Beryllium (Be)
EPA 200.8 Cadmium (Cd)
0.005 mg/L
EPA 200.8 Chromium (Cr)
0.1 mg/L
EPA 200.8 Lead (Pb)
0.015 mg/L
EPA 200.8 Mercury (Hg)
0.002 mg/L
EPA 200.8 Nickel (Ni)
0.02 mg/L
EPA 200.8 Selenium (Se)
0.05 mg/L
SM 3111B Sodium (Na)
20 mg/L
EPA 200.8 Thallium (Tl)
0.002 mg/L
EPA 300.0 Fluoride(F-)
4.0 mg/L
EPA 300.0 Nitrate (NO3-)
10.0 mg/L
EPA 300.0 Nitrite (NO2-)
1.0 mg/L
EPA 300.0 Sulfate (SO4-)
SM 4500CN Cyanide (CN-)
0.2 mg/L

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency Method.
SM - Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater.
MCL - Maximum Contaminant Level (regulatory limit set by EPA).

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